Friday, 15 November 2013

Looking Within: a series of Three: Part 2

Looking Within: a series of Three: Part 2

The 2nd and 3rd oil pastels began late in the summer as the book edits intensified. I was pushed to want to be creative as a balance to the hours of reading text and moving around images on the computer as I edited the book. I needed to get lost in that mystifying process of touching a blank surface and revealing an image that conveys a truth about what I was thinking about.

The second piece was also a vertical, entitled:

           “Empathy’s Grace”  62”x43” 2013 oil and oil pastel on rag paper

                                                            Spins in vortex held
Quickens a breath
                                                            Within slender thread,
Spun, then pulled
                                                            Revealing that terrors pause,
The still points edge deep within.

How do we find that still point within, especially when all around us it 
seems our world is in chaos?

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