Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Moments out of time: A view from the studio April 2014

There are moments that are out of time, steeped in conscious awe when I am painting, when all the heartache and frustration at not quite catching what I see is sated; all the trials and tribulations shatter, falling to the ground as clarity rides from the brush as it glides upon the canvas equally obscuring and revealing truth.

How ironic that in the obscuring of images and objects truth becomes clearer.

The painting begins to sing.

            “Towards Consciousness Borne”  48”x60” (unframed)  2014

                                  “Towards Consciousness Borne”

                                      Words sing from silent lips
                                                         Shattered in darkened silence
Scattered into reality’s lost
                Yet, and yet...
  Resilient, in connected web
                                      Vibrant beyond all measure 
 Awakening thy silent touch
                             Like hands entwined 
In simplest of reach
              Consciousness borne.

3 April 20 14

It is a dance, a marathon, and all my energy, all my instincts, all my hard fought battles to learn and excel revel in these moments. And I savor them before the veil drops and I am, once again, fighting for understanding and light unto which to make sense, to regain sight.

How few can even, for a moment, feel and understand this, the depth of all enlightened understanding within such isolated pain. The nobility is in the carrying of these precious moments back into the darkness like an eternal candled flame.

15 April 2014  JDW


  1. Beautiful. Brilliant--words and artwork both.

  2. Deborah, Coming from you this means a great deal. Your insight and depth of words is a gift. I thoroughly enjoy your blog. Jonathan