Friday, 24 January 2014

Surrendering at great depths: A View from the studio

"Great leaps in consciousness result from surrendering oneself to God at great depth"  JDW

Recently I have been thinking a lot about connections, how we make them, what is authentic, how do we strengthen those bonds and keep them true. The life of the creative mind, from my perspective, naturally leans towards long periods of introspection. Perhaps from this dialogue that is required within oneself we quickly realize that we must face our Truth.

For each of us this is a different path. This is why we tend to become isolated as artists.  As we try to pass between the twin guardians of desire and fear to find this ephemeral truth we struggle alone along a path that is uniquely ours. These are the gifts buried deep within our soul patiently awaiting the moment of reconciliation. These truths that bring to light, out of the nights’ long embrace, like a candle flame that flickers in staggering relief upon shadowed veil, the reconciliation of a deeper knowledge.   

There is a price to be paid for this unburdening, perhaps only the afore mentioned isolation, but for some it is the unveiling of secrets long protected that must be unearthed, exposed, in order to come to their personal truth.

This idea of surrendering oneself at great depths, how do we do this?

For me as an observer and as a painter I see common threads to be pulled, an unveiling of sorts, that then I can sort through to find a piece that I can identify with. Once found I can tap into a universal consciousness and letting go of my ego, apply paint to canvas in a truly personal way.  After deep exploration I hope then that these brush strokes, objects, symbols and color and movement translate into paint transforming into something universal.

We have no choice in what God reveals to each of us. However it is of our choosing whom we reveal these sacred gifts to and how we go about it. This is our sacred task, the sharing.

And in this, connections are made and gifts are given.

It is only with the knowledge invisible
 that dwells within the fringes torn,
Whispers in the deepest of memories held
 exposing the infinite fabric of dreams,
                        Stuttering in languid thought
                                    that I, now, find purchase
                        Within the dreaming of language borne.

JDW    January 24, 2014

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