Friday, 31 January 2014

Connections of Intent: A view from the studio: Part 1

I have begun working on new paintings after setting aside “The Dreamer’s Requiem” to dry so that I can frame it and  “In Silent Touch, My Purchase Seen”. Beginning new work is intense and very physical, especially since I like to begin more than one painting. In this case, I actually have begun four new canvases over a two day period, three of which you can see here.

I have now turned my attention towards the center painting and have been blocking out figures and objects that I hope will begin to tell the story symbolically, on which this painting idea rests. 

The flushing out of the theme is very fluid and one that I might share later on in the next post.  What I wanted to share today is a painting from ten years ago, which you can find in my book Pause Between Breaths (see   

 “Ancient Gates” 87”x63” oil on canvas 2004

                      "Ancient Gates"

       The soul’s purchase
            From ancient need, left unquenchable,
       Discarded, unfulfilled.  Compelling upon
            Tenuous balance this continuous thread,
       Fibrous light forever pulsing, towards
            Future unknown.

       Ancient Gods haunt this hallowed grove,
            Carved in wood immortal stand
       Time forever traveling towards haunted release.

       Selves linger mute in shadowed tomb,
            Knowing always thy past to bring, in this,
       Connection gained, sonorous note.

       Yet denied, caution abandoned, onward stumbling blind
            And deaf to heralded song, lamenting, tired I long
            For purchase found.
       Connection, undying source, river coursing
            Through all eternity, ancient need in limbs bowed stretched
            Forever towards heaven’s crown.

       My body rough, driven to seek, fallen in moment’s pause
            Upon ancient gates, and graceful, thy release matched
            By winged light,
       Energetic form held deep, pulsing invisible hands
            Hold tight, bind myself to thee.

       And I, rejoice, struck in awe, seeing, finally beyond the need
            Unburdened, falling unto myself, lineage unbroken,
            Silent, unwavering, they stand,
       Entranced, now exposed, hands offered,
            Knowledge revealed,
       Ancestral steps, without peril, no longer concealed.           

                                                November 25, 2003

Connections. A decade apart yet connected. The question you have to ask yourself is how? What does each of these pieces draw from? Physicality, intent, emotions...?

This is what I'd like to share as I progress into this new painting.  JDW

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