Thursday, 6 February 2014

Connections of Intent: A view from the studio: Part 2

Connections of Intent: A view from the studio Part 2

The placement of objects leads to movement, which in turn hopefully leads to an emotional connection. It is by turns that the painting begins to take form within the context of content. All the while there is the act of marking, of laying down of brush strokes, which speaks to the action of painting and the making of a two dimensional object reflecting a three dimensional or even four dimensional space; the fourth being the space within one’s concept of thought and emotion that leads one into that spiritual consciousness beyond the daily ritual of existing.

Does painting have to have this connection to emotion, to ideas, to being about something? Of course not. But as I have stated before, this to me is not as compelling and, for me, holds little interest.

Painting is an illusion and within this illusion is another painted illusion; a dreamscape that is the entry into the drama that unfolds within the symbolic placement of objects within the painted space.

So what is the intention and how is it connected with the painting “Ancient Gates”? Here is the poem that started this new painting:

 In the holding heart
                                                My suffering comes
                                                Borne of conscious need
Fully formed, collected
                                                From fiery sound.

Within ego’s gaze
Turned not inward
To suffer in agony’s stare,
Fearful thoughts released.

It is in this,
                                                The cleansing purge

January 25, 2014

And from “Ancient Gates”

The soul’s purchase
                                                From ancient need, left unquenchable,
                                    Discarded, unfulfilled.  Compelling upon
                                                Tenuous balance this continuous thread,
                                    Fibrous light forever pulsing, towards
                                                Future unknown...

(The full poem is in the previous post).

Purpose and direction. The intention of being and the soul’s purchase. How do we unravel our deepest intention and purpose? And who guides this process? These questions are directed by our histories and how we were raised to think and feel.

Without turning inward towards finding understanding at that soulful level do we risk being consumed by fears and desires that lay all around us?  How do we navigate this journey through our lives?  That is the question.

Next: the painting ideas, excerpts from my journal.   JDW

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2nd week: 1.30.14

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